What is Instagram?

What is Instagram?

Instagram may be a social networking picture sharing service and web site. Users will take photos and short videos, up to fifteen seconds long, and share them with their Instagram followers and on different social networks, like Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter. The same as different social network services, Instagram may be a free service wherever users might follow each other and like every other’s photos or videos.

Instagram might typically be abbreviated as Insta or gram .

Insagram is accessible from a pc or mobile device by visiting the Instagram web site. The Instagram app is additionally offered for the iPad, iPhone, and robot devices.

Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and mike Krieger and was 1st launched in Oct 2010. Instagram had over thirty million registered user accounts by April 2012 and users had uploaded over a hundred million photos by July 2011. In April 2012, Systrom oversubscribed Instagram to Facebook for one billion bucks in money and stock.

Instagram may be a free ikon and video sharing app offered on Apple iOS, android and Windows Phone. Users will transfer photos and videos and share them with their followers or with a choose cluster of individuals.

Signing up.

Instagram is liberated to use and there’s no price for sign language up.

There are 2 ways to register:

Method one:

Enter your email address or telephone number, select a username and enter a parole. You’ll even be asked to enter data, like your date of birth or gender.

Method two:

You can register applying your Facebook details. Once you’ve got done this, you may merely get to choose a username and permit Instagram access to your Facebook account.


Your username is some things that unambiguously identifies you. There could also be 2 individuals with an equivalent name however there’ll ne’er be two people with the same username. As an example, your name could be explorer however your username would possibly be: JohnSmith77.


Your “followers” are folks that like better to see what you post. They’re additionally able to like and treat what you post.

You are additionally able to “follow” individuals. This implies that you simply will see what they post and you may be able to like and treat it too.


This is after you transfer a photograph or video and it becomes visible to the folks that follow you. You’ll either select one that you simply have saved to your phone or use the app to require one.

When you are making a post, you’ve got the power to feature a caption to your picture or video. The caption might describe it or add some context. For example: “this is Maine having my breakfast this morning”.


Instagram additionally permits you to look for posts by someone’s name or by the words in captions. For instance if you needed to check posts regarding dogs, you may look for the word “dogs”. This can then show all the posts of individuals you follow also as those by public accounts that have captions containing the word “dogs”.


The IOS and android apps for Instagram are best-known to be accessible with VoiceOver and talkback.

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